Expertise to take on even the most diverse portfolios

Increasingly, wealth is invested in more than just traditional asset classes. Real estate, private equity, hedge funds: these assets are often important and extremely valuable aspects of a well-diversified portfolio. 

We understand how to value non-traditional assets and how to integrate them into our solutions however diverse the portfolio. This means clients have a clearer overview of their wider portfolio, and the family stands to reap greater rewards in the future.

Benefits of a Lombard International solution:

  • Our solutions offer the capacity to take on specific kinds of non-traditional assets for long-term wealth structuring
  • We analyze each asset carefully to ensure it meets tax and regulatory demands, so there are no unexpected liabilities in the future
  • Our dedicated Unquoted Assets Team can assess the risks of a broad range of assets 
  • We have the ability to assess risk properly and find alternative solutions when issues arise 
  • Integrated with wealth planning solutions, so the advantages of non-traditional assets can be passed on to the next generation

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Non-Traditional Assets in practice

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