SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde

For almost 10 years we have supported SOS Children’s Villages (SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde) – an independent, international non-governmental development organization that works to protect the interests and rights of children. Our partnership has helped children in need to enjoy a family environment, education and better access to medical care in areas such as Laos, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, the Philippines and Haiti.


Help for Nature (Fondation Hëllef fir d’Natur)

In Luxembourg we work with Help for Nature (natur&ëmwelt Fondation Hëllef fir d’Natur), a foundation which acquires and manages nature reserves, sharing information and building awareness campaigns to raise the profile of nature conservation and biodiversity. Help for Nature also takes part in national, inter-regional and European projects to preserve and restore the natural environment. 


Fondation Kriibskrank Kanner

We support Fondation Kriibskrank Kanner, a Luxembourg-based foundation which helps children in their fight against cancer, through research, events and support for families, including medical assistance, transport and housing. 


Luxembourg School of Finance

In our continued effort to support the development of young professionals in Luxembourg, we partner with the Luxembourg School of Finance (LSF), part of the University of Luxembourg. The LSF's mission is to offer educational programmes and to conduct academic research in the area of finance at the highest level, and to support the development of Luxembourg as a financial centre.


Community Partnership School

In the United States, we partner with the Community Partnership School (CPS) to improve the lives of children. Founded in 2006, CPS is an innovative, independent elementary school, dedicated to providing an affordable, high-quality education to children from low-wealth, low-income backgrounds. Located in North Central Philadelphia and serving one of the city’s lowest-income neighborhoods, CPS provides small class sizes; a 7:1 student to teacher ratio; state-of-the-art technology in the classroom; and hands-on, inquiry based learning methods.

Community Partnership School - Building Community

Please watch this video to learn more about how Community Partnership School provides a high quality education to children and families from low-income communities. We are proud to support their mission.


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