Lombard International Assurance is a people first company both internally and out

Our values and guiding principles include:

  • We let ethics and honesty govern our conduct in dealings with our stakeholders, including policyholders, distributors, investment managers and employees.
  • We do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.
  • We believe in the value of teamwork.
  • We foster an environment that encourages collaboration, communication and inclusion.
Soul of a Small Company
  • We are a “solution-oriented” company and seek to keep things simple.
  • We are quick to adapt and respond to opportunities.
  • We hold ourselves personally accountable for decisions made on behalf of the Company.
  • We bring an intense and eager enthusiasm to our work each day.
  • We are driven to win every opportunity that we pursue.
Respect for Individuals
  • We are a "people-driven" company.
  • We listen to the ideas of others and encourage an open dialogue.
We hope that you will join our growing team.


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