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Simple sign in - eLombard users

Signing in to Connect is easy. The sign in process can be completed in a few simple steps ensuring the highest level of security. 

If you are already an eLombard user, you can obtain your Connect sign in details directly via eLombard by filling in the enrollment form on the homepage. For any questions, please contact your usual Partner & Client Services representative.

Signing in - Step 1

Sign in to eLombard. On the welcome page you can enrol yourself to access Connect using the dedicated form. Input your email address and mobile phone number and click "Enrol to Connect". You will then receive your Connect credentials (username and temporary password) in details shortly via email.

This form might not be visible on all accounts. It will appear shortly according to a specific roll out schedule.

Signing in - Step 2

Open Connect. You will be asked for your sign in details which you will have received by email. Input your email address and temporary password.

Signing up - Step 3

The first time you sign into Connect you will be asked to change the temporary password to a new one.
Please use a combination of upper and lower case letters along with a number to ensure that it is sufficiently strong.

Signing in - Step 4

Connect will then ask you to verify your username via a telephone call or a text message. 

You can complete the verification via SMS by clicking on "Text me" or via a telephone call by clicking "Call me". If you choose "Text me", you will receive your verification code within a few seconds. If you choose "Call me", you will receive a call on your mobile. Please answer and press "#".

Signing in - Step 5

Connect will ask you for the verification code you received via SMS to your mobile. Type the code into the corresponding section. 

This step is only applicable to the users who chose "Text me" at the previous stage.

Click "Sign in" and you are ready to start using Connect!

If you encounter problems with the sign up process, don't hesitate to contact the Connect team.

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