Wealth planning strategies for the long term

Finding the best way to pass on wealth to the next generation is a real concern. Ever-increasing financial regulation means it is important to plan carefully for the future. The right solution ensures our clients’ loved ones will receive their intended inheritance in the most efficient way.

We structure flexible and effective wealth plans tailored around individuals and their families. These are as efficient as they are secure and let clients enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their wealth will be transferred as they wish.

Benefits of a Lombard International Assurance solution:

  • Constantly updated solutions, signed-off by leading tax lawyers in all relevant countries
  • Wealth planning using unit-linked life assurance is our core business
  • A dedicated team with an unrivalled depth of knowledge and expertise
  • Extensive, multi-jurisdictional knowledge in-house, and a network of local experts around the world mean we offer an unparalleled understanding of international regulations, markets and cultures
  • Our solutions allow for optimal wealth planning with potential to deliver one or more advantages depending on the jurisdiction
  • The flexibility to adapt a client’s initial plan if their situation or views on beneficiaries change

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