Focus on US Throwback rules - part II

The latest issue of the STEP Journal contains part two of an article by Danilo Santucci, Senior US Tax Counsel and Wealth Planner, discussing the throwback rules.

Peru will adopt Automatic Exchange of Information regime under the CRS

The Peruvian Tax Agency has recently confirmed that Peru will automatically exchange information under the Common Reporting Standard (CRS).


6 tips to manage your wealth with the help of life insurance

Life insurance solutions can meet many of the needs linked to this trend. Luca Bertacchi, our Head of Central & Southern Europe brings us closer to the sector's major trends.


Swedish update: Yield tax for life assurance for 2018

The Swedish State Borrowing rate for 30 November 2017 was announced by the Swedish Debt Office.


Spotlight on Norway: the 5 challenges faced by every HNWI and his advisers

In the light of the global wealth structuring landscape changing and evolving rapidly, advisers must be able to keep pace to ensure their clients’ long term needs are met. When building a tailor-made strategy for a wealthy client, advisers might be confronted with some challenges.


2018 - a promising year for Belgian life insurance

Belgian life insurance branch 23 is on the rise: a trend that will be accelerated in 2018 under the impetus of changes in taxation decided by the Belgian Government.


Unit-linked life assurance as an estate-planning tool

Unit-linked policies are life-assurance-based savings products in which contributions are invested in a portfolio of financial assets selected according to the client’s risk profile and chosen strategy. It is both a life assurance product and a savings solution.


Private Placement Life Insurance And Split Dollar

The December 2017 issue of Trusts & Estates Magazine’s Feature Insurance Article is Private Placement Life Insurance And Split Dollar - Marrying Income and Gift Tax Efficiency.


Finance (No.2) Act 2017 becomes law - The wait is over for RNDs

Finance Bill 2017 to 2019 received Royal Assent yesterday, the 16th November, and now becomes Finance (No. 2) Act 2017.


Focus on US Throwback rules

Although there are several viable options to address the US throwback rules, life insurance and annuity contracts deserve special attention, as they provide simple and powerful solutions when used either alone or as a complement to other strategies.

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