Simplifying complex lifestyles

Many people lead unpredictable lives – living, working and retiring in different countries, with family, businesses, real estate and assets spread around the globe. Complying with the ever-changing regulatory environment in each country can become a serious challenge. 

Our deep technical knowledge across multiple jurisdictions means we can manage issues that arise in different countries, helping clients to benefit from the long-term advantages of their global lifestyles.
Benefits of a Lombard International solution for internationally mobile families:

  • Over 25 years’ experience in delivering proven portability solutions
  • Dedicated in-house teams with a broad network of third party experts around the world
  • In-depth knowledge of multiple jurisdictions, continually expanding to meet client needs in new markets
  • IT and administrative systems designed specifically to accommodate cross-border portability

Willing to transfer residence from Latin America to Spain or Portugal?
Discover our portability simulation tool.

Whether a change of residence is planned or is simply considered as a possibility, a life assurance solution can accommodate future relocation without the need to restructure assets or realise profits at an inappropriate
time. Our team of experienced tax and legal experts dedicated to Latin America, Portugal and Spain develop tailor-made portability solutions to meet the needs of clients in an increasingly multijurisdictional environment.

We have developed a specific simulation tool that illustrates the main tax and legal aspects to be taken in consideration for clients willing to transfer residence from Latin America to Spain or Portugal. Use our tool and embark on your journey beyond borders.

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