Policyholder protection
Policyholder protection

We are committed to setting and maintaining the highest standards of risk and compliance in the industry. Our unit-linked life insurance solutions are fully compliant with the legal requirements of multiple global jurisdictions. Our solutions are expertly designed and we obtain sign-off by tax lawyers in every relevant jurisdiction. 

In Europe, our unit-linked life insurance solutions are based on a Luxembourg life assurance contract. Luxembourg’s insurance policyholder protection regime, which is popularly known as the Triangle of Security, provides one of the strongest policy protection regimes in the world. It requires:

  • All client assets linked to life insurance policies to be held by an independent custodian bank approved by the state insurance regulator, the Commissariat aux Assurances. 
  • Legal separation of client assets from the insurance company’s shareholders.
  • Ring-fencing of client assets from both insurance company and the custodian bank.