Our values

Our values

The foundation of our success

Our values

In 2017, we launched our SPIRIT values. These values are at the heart of our culture. They are what define our business ethos. They are what guide us on the path to success. 


We are quick to adapt and are agile. We bring the very best in all we do, holding ourselves personally accountable for our results. We are focused on solutions, delivering success and working hard for a common goal, keeping things simple for all our stakeholders.



We love what we do. We use our drive and commitment to energize, engage and inspire others. We bring an eager enthusiasm to our work each day. We have a passion for winning and always aim to go above and beyond.

We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. We are trustworthy, honest, straightforward and transparent in all our interactions with colleagues, partners, clients and all other stakeholders.



We fully embrace our responsibility to treat everyone with  respect. We listen closely and encourage different ideas and opinions. We provide constructive feedback to others and are open to receiving it, utilising this as an opportunity to improve. 

It is in our nature to innovate. By being genuinely curious, we evolve and seek different perspectives, finding better solutions and embrace change. We think differently and never stop striving to make our processes, procedures and propositions better and more efficient.



We value an environment that encourages collaboration and communication. We value team spirit and we celebrate successes, together. As a team, we are driven to win every opportunity that we pursue, while taking advantage of our diverse backgrounds, culture and experience.

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