Why Lombard International Group

Why Lombard International Group

We make legacy count

Our clients and partners value a highly specialised, authoritative perspective in an increasingly uncertain world. With a global team of 450+ and over 60 technical experts in wealth structuring, legal, tax law and non-traditional assets, we have the greatest specialist resource in the industry. Operating in more than 15 markets with more than €49.4 bn of assets under administration, we lead the field.

Our Approach: 


Partnership underpins everything we do. From understanding the needs of our clients and creating customised solutions, to working hand-in-hand with trusted advisors and partners, we ensure that assets are protected, portable and can be passed on. 


Having pioneered the use of unit-linked life assurance as a wealth planning solution, we have managed more cases for our clients than anyone else in our industry. We have a proven track record of delivering effective solutions to even the most complex issues. 


We have more in-house wealth structuring and client servicing experts than anyone in our field, offering deep knowledge in wealth planning, tax law and across a broad range of asset classes. We provide a highly specialised, authoritative perspective in an increasingly uncertain world.


Discipline is core to our success and to our longevity in this industry. Our integrity ensures that we are compliant in highly regulated environments across the world, both in terms of the solutions we offer and the way we run our operations. We think long term. Our strong balance sheet ensures that our clients and their advisors can have confidence in a well-established, global partner who is here for tomorrow, not just today.